Jessica Drake Moderating 'Sex Talk Tuesday' Today

LOS ANGELES — Sex educator and Wicked Pictures contract performer jessica drake will be today's guest moderator for the social media event "Sex Talk Tuesday," to be held at 12 noon PST on Twitter. "Sex Talk Tuesday" is produced by Angie Rowntree of

Today's topic will be "The Impact of Shaming on Masturbation and Other Facets of Sex and Life." The event is being held in conjunction with National Masturbation Month.

"As the star of so many memorable adult films and a sex-positive role model to women who span multiple generations, we knew that Ms. drake would be the perfect host for what promises to be one of our most popular live chats to date," Rowntree said. "When it comes to masturbation, everyone may have their style and approach, but we believe there is near unanimous agreement that jessica drake is a world renowned expert on the topic. And we look forward to seeing what comes of the interaction among our growing audience and one of today's most approachable sex educators."

On "Sex Talk Tuesday," drake will will ask the following questions: (1) in what areas of your life are you impacted by shaming the most?, (2) where do you believe shame about masturbation stems from in relation to society versus family?, (3) does a concept like Masturbation Month help open a dialogue on a taboo subject? Why/Why not?, (4) how have you personally been able to overcome shaming? How?, and (5) what avenues of education can be improved upon to help rid shame from our thought process?

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