JuicyAds Donates to Cupcake Girls, Continues JuicyAds Cares

JuicyAds Donates to Cupcake Girls, Continues JuicyAds Cares

VANCOUVER, Canada — JuicyAds today said that it has donated $500 on behalf of Jodi West to the Cupcake Girls.

Last month, West won the HotMovies.com Porn Star Tournament for 2016 and became Miss JuicyAds 2016. 

"I am thrilled to be associated with companies who support making the adult industry better," exclaimed Jodi West following her victory and new partnership with JuicyAds.

The Annual Porn Star Tournament is a bracket tournament supported by porn star fans, who vote for their favorites. JuicyAds has already offered to support the tournament into 2017 to find next year’s Miss JuicyAds.

“Cupcake Girls shares our belief in the value of strong relationships and respect, and who doesn’t love cupcakes?” asked Juicy Jay, founder of JuicyAds.

The “JuicyAds Cares” program, supporting entrepreneurs living in poverty from 71 different countries, has already committed more than $13,000 in the last 12 months in addition to the donation to Cupcake Girls. The company is  dedicated not only to the adult industry but also to entrepreneurs around the world, regardless of  industry or sector.

JuicyAds is an advertising network specializing in selling banner ads, popunders and mobile traffic. It is the most awarded advertising network in the adult industry, with 17 prestigious awards from its dedication to customer service.