Cosmopolitan Takes Look at CockyBoys and Their Female Fans

Cosmopolitan Takes Look at CockyBoys and Their Female Fans

NEW YORK — Cosmopolitan Magazine has published a beefy feature on the CockyBoys' phenomena — where straight twenty-something women are becoming obsessed with the studio's gay porn stars.

It was just a few years ago that Cosmo declared CockyBoys the best gay porn site for women.

In the latest feature Cosmo, available here, goes in depth about the vast and varied CockyBoys' fan base.

"More and more young straight women are turning to gay male porn in general," the Cosmo article contends. "According to newly released Pornhub statistics, 18- to 24-year-old women are 24 percent more likely to watch gay male porn than other age groups. Gay male porn is the second most-viewed category by women on the site — 'lesbian' is the first by a small margin — and women make up about 37 percent of Pornhub's gay male porn viewers.

"It makes sense; straight porn relies on disembodied jackhammering and fake-seeming female orgasms."

The Cosmo piece also takes a look at the studio’s now-annual event in Chicago called “CockyCon,” which coincides with the Grabbys in Chicago later this month.

Cosmo also has conversations with CockyBoys exclusives as well as with some of their twenty-something female fans.

“We are thrilled to be recognized and featured in another mainstream outlet highlighting our dedicated community of fans, as well as, the way we run our business as a whole,” CockyBoys director and CEO Jake Jaxson said. “While the article highlights a growing segment of our fandom, I am equally as grateful to the many diverse groups of people that make up our membership and support our work."

At CockyCon, there will be a series of events spread over the course of Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29. Events including special screenings, yoga and meditation classes, Sunday brunch, live auction, meet and greets and more.

Jaxson said this year's CockyCon promises to be more robust than last year with more exclusives on hand and more opportunities to interact than ever.

In attendance at CockyCon and the Grabbys will be exclusive performers Levi Karter, Carter Dane, Boomer Banks, Will Wikle, Ricky Roman, Liam Riley, Tayte Hanson and Allen King, among many others.

"We did CockyCon for the first time last year and it was a huge success. This is our opportunity to create a unique experience for our fans, and this kind of fan outreach is key to fueling our creativity and success,” Jaxson said. “Seeing all the fans turn out and support our models and our work is beyond inspiring. So this year I wanted to do something more special and give fans more a more enhanced experience. 

“So we are doing screenings this year where we will be premiering the second episode of ‘One Erection’ in Chicago at the Music Box Theatre, as well as a sneak peak of Will Wikle, Levi Karter, and Colby Keller in ‘The Stillest Hour,’ in addition to all the many activities planned all weekend long."

To see CockyCon’s lineup of events and to get tickets click here.