NakedSword Originals' 'Berkeley' Episode 3 Is Live

NakedSword Originals' 'Berkeley' Episode 3 Is Live

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals today released the third episode from its new series centered around their new home town of Berkeley, Calif.

Shot on location by NakedSword's director mr. Pam, the series is “a love letter to the progressive and vibrant town nestled in the hills of Northern California called Berkeley,” a studio publicist said.

“For the last three weeks NakedSword Originals' has brought you the hottest hook-ups from the Bay Area's most liberal and artistic city featuring some of the sexiest men in the adult business,” the publicist said.

In the latest episode, world’s collide when new roommates Ty Royal and Elijah pull out flags from their respective homelands – Israel and Palestine when unpacking.

Although war rages in the Middle East, the two young men sit down to discuss their own foreign policy. They discover that they were both attracted to Berkeley to learn about diverse cultures, meet new people and ironically have a lot more in common then they suspected.

“In moments both studs are naked and Ty has Elijah in his mouth,” the publicist said. “They take turns swallowing each other until Ty rolls over and assumes his position. Elijah rams him hard, then pulls out and cums all over Ty’s big bubble butt and licks him clean. Rock-hard and ready for action, Ty mounts Elijah and pumps his face then shoves himself inside him.

“Elijah hops on top for an impressive reverse cowboy. Elijah pounds the cum out of Ty then he shoots his second load for the day. If all of life's conflicts could be resolved this way then the world would be much easier.”

NakedSword Director mr. Pam said of the scene: "Ty and Elijah were so great together and a real pleasure to shoot. Elijah was born and raised in Israel so the concept of the scene he really identifies with and he loved being apart of a scene that could cause people to talk and think.

“Elijah got so turned on when he started topping Ty that he came after about 30 seconds,” she said. “We shot the early cumshot, then they flipped, then Elijah got hard again, finished fucking Ty and came a second time. He's a true professional and amazing performer. This scene is fire."