Screaming O Introduces Spork Multipurpose Pleasure Tool

Screaming O Introduces Spork Multipurpose Pleasure Tool

LOS ANGELES — Screaming O is now shipping the Spork, an all-purpose pleasure tool made to handle the kinds of carnal adventures that ordinary sex toys simply can’t.

With multiple stimulation surfaces, 100 percent “True Silicone” construction and an easy-to-use waterproof design, the Spork gives users an almost unlimited series of sensations to enhance solo and partnered sex with ease, Screaming O Account Executive Conde Aumann said.

The Spork features an unconventional shape that houses three pleasure surfaces designed for distinctly different feelings. Aumann said the smooth spoon-like end massages sensitive areas with a wide surface area perfect for cupping the clitoris or cradling the testicles. The soft and flexible fork-like extension targets vibration on the nipples, clitoris, testicles or any erogenous zones that respond to direct simulation.

This extension also acts as a fun way to incorporate vibration during intercourse — simply wear the Spork by positioning the penis between the fork-like ends at the base of the body, which allows the powerful vibrator to stimulate the user’s partner in all kinds of sexual positions, Aumann said.

The Spork is durable, reusable and powered by Screaming O’s famous Better Bullet, a mini vibe that buzzes with enough power to satisfy even the most seasoned sex toy user, Aumann said.

“The Spork is cool for so many reasons — its shape alone turns heads and starts conversations on the store floor, which is one of the reasons why retailers love it,” Aumann said. “With a sea of traditional products on the wall, the Spork stands out and gives shoppers something fresh and new to try, and we’ve included visual icons on the back of each package to show consumers each unique way to enjoy it. The Spork makes it fun and easy for people to experiment and see how the Spork can become their new favorite bedroom adventure tool.”

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