epi24 Debuts the Womanizer Deluxe With 3 New Intensity Settings

epi24 Debuts the Womanizer Deluxe With 3 New Intensity Settings

SAN FRANCISCO —  epi24, the company behind the Womanizer, has announced the debut of the Womanizer Deluxe, which offers a new ergonomic design and additional intensity levels.

The Womanizer is touted as the first indirect clitoral stimulator that has women experiencing orgasms in 60 seconds or less. The product is based on the company’s proprietary “PleasureAir” technology, which uses air pressure waves to create “an entirely new orgasmic experience."

With three new intensity settings, the Womanizer Deluxe now features a total of eight levels to experiment with and is available in black leopard, white chrome, magenta and a red roses design.

Additional features for the Womanizer Deluxe include a revamped ergonomic design that fits in the palm of a hand, an interchangeable silicon stimulation tip (two sizes included) and whisper mode, as well as a storage bag for easy travel.

“We’re excited to introduce the Womanizer Deluxe — the next generation in our line of PleasureAir intimacy products,” said Ryan Poirier, epi24’s vice president. “Women asked, and we listened. The Deluxe line now features a new ergonomic design, whisper mode and greater variety between settings. With these new features we’re optimistic more women will be encouraged to try the Womanizer Deluxe.”

Morgan Rossi, account executive at epi24, said that the “new features let women explore, play and discover how their bodies react to indirect stimulation. This knowledge can then be shared with partners to spice things up and improve their intimate relationship dynamics.”

“For any sex toy novices, the Womanizer Deluxe is a great introduction into intimate pleasure,” she said.

epi24 said that based on a sampling size of 100 women, 50 percent orgasm in 60 seconds or less, 80 percent orgasm between 2-3 minutes and three-fourths experienced multiple orgasms.

The Womanizer line is available for purchase on Amazon.com.