XBIZ Releases In-Depth Interview with Jessa Rhodes

LOS ANGELES — In addition to being featured in a "Day in the Life" article in the new issue of Hustler Magazine, Jessa Rhodes is featured in an in-depth interview with XBIZ. 

In a new Q&A interview with XBIZ Associate Editor Alejandro Freixes, Rhodes discusses her entrance into the adult industry and her entrance into directing as well as being the face of Hustler's summer campaign. And Rhodes also discusses, for the first time, an upcoming project she will be writing and co-directing with New Sensations' Jacky St. James.

"Jacky St. James and I have another thing coming up," Rhodes said in the XBIZ interview. "I have decided to shoot my very first boy/boy/girl and my first girl/girl anal as a DP. It's all going to be one showcase. I'm writing the script, and I'm coming up with the concepts and all this stuff. And I'm gonna try to basically co-direct this one with her for Digital Sin, but it's gonna be a cool little concept."

Rhodes also discusses her charitable work, breaking into the fashion world, the process of putting together her official website and the upcoming Hustler campaign.

"Hustler has been really, really good to me, and it's cool to be a part of that because Larry Flynt is always someone that I've idolized," Rhodes said. "It's been a really cool ride to be so much a part of a company that I've idolized for so many years and somebody that's just a great human being."

To read the entire XBIZ interview with Rhodes, visit this link.

Rhodes has a variety of Hustler-related activities on her schedule, ranging from an upcoming Hustler Magazine cover to being featured on Hustler billboards on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard and other places all around the United States. Rhodes will also be headlining Flynt's Hustler Club in Las Vegas on May 27-28.

For more information on Rhodes, follow her on Twitter, Instagram or SextPanther.