Dallas Novelty Offers Tantus' 'Rumble' Massager

Dallas Novelty Offers Tantus' 'Rumble' Massager

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty is now carrying the Tantus Rumble, a personal massager created for the disabled market. 

"We have been watching this new addition to the Tantus line of high-quality sex toys, the Rumble," said Nick Mahler, sales director of Dallas Novelty. "I think it will be a big hit with our disabled market since it is very lightweight at just six ounces but still packs a lot of vibration in the compact design."

Tantus, according to Mahler, tested the Rumble thoroughly.

"The Rumble was designed in-house," Mahler said. "So you can trust that it was tested and then tested some more to make sure it would meet Tantus' high standards for all of their intimate pleasure products. It has all of the functions you want in a body massager. Plus, it has some very cool attachments that will be available shortly, like (the one that lets you) attach any Tantus dong or dildo to the massaging head for a totally different experience." 

Rumble features a removable 2.4 inch-wide head with three optional attachments that are made of Tantus' own unique formula of 100 percent ultra-premium silicone, which according to a Dallas Novelty representative, "makes completely cleaning the contact surface a breeze."

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