Sex Toy Subscription Box 'Nooky Box' Profiled on

Sex Toy Subscription Box 'Nooky Box' Profiled on

MISSOULA, Mont. — this week profiled Nooky Box, a new quarterly subscription box created to cater to all sexual preferences and identities with high quality products and education.

Created by Meg Ross, Nooky Box launched in February after raising about $10,600 on Indiegogo.

“The idea for The Nooky Box was sparked after I found myself having conversation after conversation with friends about sex,” Ross says in the Indiegogo campaign.
“These discussions were filled with shame, fear, guilt, and discomfort, as most of us have been taught that sex is dirty or shameful.”

For $300 a year, the Nooky Box will deliver a themed box to subscribers every three months. Each box includes sex toys, a playlist and an erotic story that includes the box’s contents.

Lacking a sex-ed background, says Ross teamed with Portland, Oregon-based sex therapist Gina Senarighi to provide sex education via’s blog. Future plans for the site include adding videos and answers to subscriber’s questions.

The erotic story included in the box also serves as an instruction manual for subscribers. “One of the concepts I had was, ‘Well, we’re going to be sending these people products, and they’re going to want to know how to use them,” Ross told “But we didn’t want to make it clinical.”

Nooky Box sets itself apart by offering high-end products, including vibrators from PicoBong.’s Christina Cauterucci points out the value that the Nooky Box offers.

“Single boxes run from $80 for a single subscription box to $99.99 for a themed “signature box,” like a lube sampler or a travel set. But PicoBong’s vibrators alone cost between $40 and $130 each, and the convenience, curation, and element of surprise could make the service a worthy purchase for the financially secure toy-loving or toy-curious consumer.”

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