AdultCentro Market Now Serving VR Content

AdultCentro Market Now Serving VR Content

NEW YORK — AdultCentro Market has now introduced virtual reality adult entertainment to its collection of 160,000-plus videos, pictures and more available for licensing.

VRBangers productions are now available for sale, bringing a new medium of audiovisual content to the platform.

AdultCentro Market is a platform designed for all participants in the licensing market who want to monetize filmed content. The AdultCentro Market business model is based on seller-side commissions on the license fees generated via the platform. There are no fixed costs for sellers or buyers.

“With the arrival of technology that allows consumers to view virtual reality, it’s no wonder that the adult industry wants a piece of the pie,” says Natalie Pannon, head sales and marketing fanager at AdultCentro. “We’re happy to provide the opportunity to purchase high-quality VRBangers content for those who see the future is here and now.”

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