FSC Picks Siouxsie Q as Policy Director

FSC Picks Siouxsie Q as Policy Director

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition said today that Siouxsie Q will be joining the adult entertainment industry trade group as its newly appointed director of policy and industry relations.

Siouxsie Q — an adult performer, writer and activist — had been working with the FSC in an as-needed arrangement since February.

“With her hard work helping to secure our Cal/OSHA victory in February, Siouxsie quickly proved to be an invaluable and truly dedicated member of the team,” said Eric Paul Leue, the FSC’s executive director. “She has a deep and nuanced knowledge of the issues the industry faces, and a passion for political work and grassroots organizing that will be essential to our industry’s future success.”

Siouxsie Q will be tasked to craft policy positions and actions on a wide-array of industry issues, from adult business zoning to counterfeit products, piracy, lubricant regulation, sex worker rights and condom mandates.

She also will head the FSC’s recently announced Industry Sector Committees, working as a liaison between the FSC and the various sectors.

Siouxsie Q got her start in the adult entertainment business dancing at the Lusty Lady in San Francisco and has worked as a performer in adult films since 2012, earning a Feminist Porn Award in 2015, as well as several industry award nominations.

During that time, she has been an unrelenting advocate for the rights of all workers, regardless of their industry, Leue said.

Siouxsie Q also is an author, weekly columnist for SF Weekly and the creator of “The Whorecast,” a podcast network showcasing the diverse voices of the adult industry.

She has lectured extensively on sex and sex work and is regularly quoted and featured in the mainstream media.

“I am excited to join the Free Speech Coalition and to be of direct service to my industry, which I believe is home to some of America’s best and brightest workers, innovators, and thought-leaders,” Siouxsie Q said. “I am incredibly passionate about advocating for the adult industry as a whole, especially at such a critical time for so many of our issues, like piracy, counterfeit products, censorship, discrimination and worker harassment.”