Sex Toy Distributing Expands Lube Offerings

Sex Toy Distributing Expands Lube Offerings

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — has expanded its lubricant department to become a go-to source with a wide variety of lubricants to cater to specific lifestyles and sexual tastes.

Aside from the basic essentials, the online distributor offers lubricants infused for energy and vitality along with options for “fans of intensely intimate play” — for example, a lube formulated to emulate the scent of a sexually aroused vulva.

The online distributor’s most recent additions include Tom of Finland’s Rawhide leather-scented and Seaman semen-scented lubricants — the latter of which features a specially developed viscosity to resemble the look and feel of the real thing. Also in the biological theme is Pussy Juice, a lube that gradually releases the smell of a healthy vulva, and Spit Lube, a hybrid that mimics the feel of saliva with a slickness that lasts longer than its natural counterpart.

The company also offers Nuru Couples Body-to-Body Massage Gel, a plant-based slick lube for full-body massage that comes with an inflatable vinyl massage sheet, as well as Passion lubricants.  

“People have so much fun with lube and we know how popular more custom-made varieties have become in the retail market, so Sex Toy Distributing is committed to offering the widest array in the industry,” Wholesale Manager Beth Brown said. “Our specialty lubes start conversations and help people have the exact kind of sex that they want, or never knew they wanted until they saw the option on a shelf! And we love to support our retailers to ensure their customers have quality options to choose from — and have fun with!”

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