TSX Toys Introduces Depth Charge Plugs

TSX Toys Introduces Depth Charge Plugs

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — TSX Toys has introduced the Depth Charge Plugs, available in three sizes.

The company says it has just begun production on the unique plug designs.

“We're releasing not one of these, but three different sizes so you can stock a small Depth Charge Plug as well as a medium and an extra large to suit all tastes and levels,” TSX Toys said in an announcement. 

The Depth Charge Plugs are designed for fans of anal stretching and other large toy play. They are available in sizes small, medium and X-Large.

“The unique aspect of these plugs, though, is that they allow users to ‘level up’ their stretching because these plugs are designed to be inserted and gradually open you up, stretching you to the next level,” TSX Toys says. “The outsides are smoothly ridged for added stimulation and long lasting slip as well as easy insertion during use. The rounded, tapered head allows users to comfortably stretch their way to larger toys in a pleasurable, gentler way.”

TSX Toys accepts orders via an online form at TSXDirect.com. For more information, email orders@tsxtoys.com, or call (877) 522-6969.