FSC Condemns Utah Pride's Decision to Ban Adult Companies

FSC Condemns Utah Pride's Decision to Ban Adult Companies

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Eric Paul Leue, the executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, today condemned the decision by organizers of the Utah Pride festival to ban adult companies from the June event.

The following letter was sent Friday afternoon by Leue to the board of directors of the Utah Pride Center in Salt Lake City over its decision to ban Utah-based MormonBoyz.com from participating in Pride events this year:

The Free Speech Coalition condemns your recent decision to exclude an adult business from your Pride festivities. For too long we, the LGBTQQI community, have fought against those who have shamed us for our sexuality. By censoring our sexuality on political grounds, you promote shame over pride and freedom of expression.

MormonBoyz.com is an active part of Utah’s diverse LGBTQQI community. As a lifelong HIV and LGBTQQI rights activist and advocate, I can vouch for the company and its owners in their outstanding commitment to sexual health, PrEP awareness, and community empowerment. From the sex workers at Stonewall, to the free speech battles waged by posing strap magazines, to money raised for HIV, the adult industry has been a critical ally in our movement for health and equal rights.

For too many years our communities have suffered from discrimination, criminalization and hatred — all founded in moral, cultural and religious prejudice. Only through the strength of unity have our communities not only survived, but thrived. It was through great sacrifices and the loss of almost an entire generation that we have found that unity.

We urge you to reconsider your decision to exclude MormonBoyz.com from your pride festivities in an effort to celebrate true diversity, free of prejudical censorship.