Sienna Sinclaire Offering Naughty Los Angeles Discount Card

LOS ANGELES — Sienna Sinclaire, founder of the Naughty Lifestyle Empire and author of "Naughty Girl's Guide to Los Angeles" and "Naughty Girl's Guide to Las Vegas," has announced the arrival of the Naughty Los Angeles Discount Card.

A spokesperson for Sinclaire said, "With the Naughty Los Angeles Card, members will have access to all of the sexiest and naughtiest places in Los Angeles for less."

The Naughty Los Angeles Discount Card is free, and members of Sinclaire's Naughty Meet Up Group as we well as non-members can receive their card at

"Cardholders will receive discounts from participating partners at lingerie and sex stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, shows, hotels, strip clubs and more," a Sinclaire representative said.

For more information, visit Sinclaire's official website or follow her on Twitter.