Australia Sex Party: 'X' Logo Doesn't Mark the Spot

Australia Sex Party: 'X' Logo Doesn't Mark the Spot

MELBOURNE — The Australian Sex Party plans to lodge a complaint with the Australian Electoral Commission because independent Sen. Nick Xenophon said he will continue to use the letter “X” as his logo on the federal ballot.

Robbie Swan, co-founder of the Australian Sex Party, said that the use of an “X” on the ballot confuses voters who actually think the symbol represents the Sex Party.

The letter “X” is a universal symbol to describe porn both by most members of society and also by Australia’s government as part of its film classification scheme, he said.

“We’ve already had comments saying people had confused the logo with the Sex Party,” Swan said on the organization’s website.

“Our party president Fiona Patten has been associated with the great pornographic debate that we've had for 20 years, and there's an association there that the Sex Party has been involved in trying to roll back censorship on X-rated films,” he said. “I think the confusion's not a good thing."

"Nick's got to step back from this a bit,” he told “I think the [Australian Electoral Commission] will have to knock it off.”

Pictured: Fiona Patten, Australian Sex Party president