Senior Buyer Dennis Jones Celebrates 40 Years at Eldorado

Senior Buyer Dennis Jones Celebrates 40 Years at Eldorado
Ariana Rodriguez

BROOMFIELD, Colo. — Eldorado is congratulating senior buyer Dennis Jones for his 40 years of service with the company.

His journey started with an opportunity to move from Madison, Wisc., to Denver, in 1974 to work for Inner Sanctum Imports, one of the first head-shop suppliers. He then had a quick stint at a local record shop, Mom’s Place. Through a personal connection, Jones was introduced to Eldorado and offered the opportunity to join the company. He was hired on April Fool’s Day.

“Larry and I are still trying to figure out who the joke was on,” Jones said. 

Jones was first hired for a delivery truck restock position. Once the business moved to Boulder, he was promoted to local delivery truck driver. He would drive from one head shop or record store to another selling Eldorado’s merchandise.

After years of being on the road, Jones was offered a buyer position. He was a one-man purchasing department until 2006 when the department doubled in size to two buyers. 

“Dennis has been a great asset to Eldorado over all these years,” Eldorado founder and CEO Larry Garland said. “He has grown tremendously and has been along for the ride from paraphernalia to pleasure products or as he likes to say, ‘We went from Bongs to Dongs.’ I want to congratulate Dennis on his 40-year career with the Eldorado family.”  

Outside of work, Jones says he loves to hike, play guitar and vacation. Jones and his wife Carol recently vacationed in Maui to celebrate their two-year wedding anniversary. Also, he is an active member of the Knights of Columbus men’s group, where he volunteers for the church and local community. Jones’ son Corey works for Colorado Public Radio and his wife Carol is a supervisor for Kohl’s department store. His mother, Betty Jones, and sister, Nancy, still reside in Wisconsin. 

“I feel very fortunate to have spent four decades being a part of Eldorado’s growth and seeing it become one of the top distributors in the business,” says Jones. “I’m so thankful to have met all the people in the industry I consider my friends and look forward to strengthening these business relationships over the years to come.”