Dallas Novelty Offers JimmyJane's Live Sexy Intro Vibes

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty has announced that it is now carrying JimmyJane’s line of Live Sexy Intro Vibes.

According to the company, each vibrator in the line is designed for a different level of power and has a different shape, accommodating a wide range of users.

“JimmyJane Live Sexy Intro Vibes are really cool because they allow more customers to experience the high quality products without breaking the bank,” says Dallas Novelty’s Marketing Director Nick Mahler. “With this new price point I think customers will be giving JimmyJane another look and want to try their higher-priced rechargeable vibes and other innovative adult intimate products, as well as the ultra-luxe 24K line of toys.”

With four different styles, from the Intro 1’s bullet shape to the G-spot curved Intro 6 vibe, each JimmyJane Intro Vibe is available in pink, blue and plum, with prices starting under $30.

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