Bree Olson Joins ESPLER Project's Push to Fight Sex Worker Discrimination

Bree Olson Joins ESPLER Project's Push to Fight Sex Worker Discrimination

SAN FRANCISCO — Former adult star Bree Olson is joining forces with the ESPLER Project in a push to demand that California legislators act to outlaw discrimination for all types of sex workers.

ESPLER Project has posted a petition online that is intended to reach California state Assembly and Senate members — with Olson leading the charge.

Olson in her message said that all across the country current and former as well as legal and illegally working sex trade workers are having their due process rights violated, both by the law and members of society. She tells her story in this video.

“When I left the adult industry, I was shocked by the treatment I received and the stigma I face,” Olson said in the petition. “People have called me incredibly cruel names just because of my status as a former legal sex worker. 

"People treat me as if I've committed a horrible crime, but I have never hurt anyone. I am a human being like anyone else, yet there are weeks at a time when I don't leave my house because I don't feel like facing a world that is allowed to discriminate against me," she said.

“I'm not the only woman who has struggled because of involvement in the sex industry, either.”

Maxine Doogan, who leads the ESPLER Project as president, told XBIZ she would appreciate as many signatures as possible.

“By signing this petition, your legislators will receive notice that this type of policy is a priority," she said.

The petition is available here.