JuicyAds Expands Carrier Targeting in North America

JuicyAds Expands Carrier Targeting in North America

TORONTO — JuicyAds today said it has expanded its carrier targeting offerings for popunders and mobile redirects.

The new offering allows advertisers to target by carrier in the U.S. for all major carriers — AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

"Europe and Asia are the primary focus of most carrier targeting, due to carrier billing," said Juicy Jay, JuicyAds’ CEO and founder. "We are seeing a higher demand for North American carriers because our clients are coming up with creative marketing using these carriers."

True "carrier traffic" is becoming a rarer commodity as Wi-Fi grows in popularity in more public spaces around the world. The importance of monetizing Wi-Fi traffic in all regions including North America is only going to grow, Juicy Jay noted.

JuicyAds is celebrating 10 years as a cornerstone of the adult industry’s traffic space selling banner ads, popunders, and mobile redirects. 

The company will be attending many upcoming shows including XBIZ Miami and XBIZ Berlin, among others.