Two-Flame Media Announces Expansion of DerangedDollars Affiliate Program

NEW YORK — Two-Flame Media today announced the completion of a major enhancement to its affiliate program,

Based on a customized version of MPA3 Pro, DerangedDollars enables affiliates to promote content for the 4K anal/BDSM site,

Affiliates of DerangedDollars can now use a deep linking drown-down menu to link to individual scenes within the Assylum tour area.  Affiliates can also track results on a scene by scene basis.

Additionally, all materials within the program have been heavily expanded.  Affiliates can now access a new set of banners with Assylum's new "anal therapy" branding and over 350 hosted galleries, hosted clips, and downloadable content sets.  

Clips and downloadable content sets include 4K video options. These are encoded in the H.264 format for viewability across most devices. Additionally, a new XML feed enables affiliates to quickly activate the streaming clips using various programs and scripts.

Lawrence Neil, owner and president of Two-Flame Media, said: "These are exciting times for our business. is a new and unique site with a concept and approach to filming that has no comparison on the Internet. At first, many didn't know what to make of it, but we reached profitability in six months and now it continues to expand every day. Finally, our affiliate program has expanded as well. DerangedDollars offers a truly original, boutique experience for promoting extreme BDSM, anal sex and 4K content."

This summer, Neil expects to launch the second site in the DerangedDollars family of brands,  

For additional information about DerangedDollars, contact Dan at Or request to sign up for the program by visiting