ItsUp, Adnium Strike Collaboration Deal

ItsUp, Adnium Strike Collaboration Deal

TORONTO — Adnium announced today that it will integrate traffic tracking software into the CPMv ad network.

“ItsUp is the best product I have seen for doing that, and I’m proud to have Adnium collaborating with their team as of today,” Adnium CTO Ian Lester said.

Lester went on to say that every time the firm is approached by a new client, one of the first things Adnium mentions is the importance of properly tracking each ad buy.

“The fastest way to generate your best ROI is to get granular with the data from each buy, track it to the finest point and then adjust your campaigns to curtail whatever is underperforming while amplifying the ad creatives that are working the best,” Lester said.

Adnium also benefits from the integration because it makes it easier for clients to see why their traffic is better than clicks provided from other sources, Lester said.

By utilizing CPMv technology, Adnium clients only pay for impressions that are actually visible on the screen of their target audience. That leads to better performance, and ItsUp is able to show all of that in a clear, unbiased and useful way, Lester said.

ItsUp’s Clement said: “We’re using the Adnium API now to allow their clients to manage their smart campaigns and smart links via ItsUp, which will speed up their optimization efforts and reduce the resources necessary to analyze every campaign correctly in real time."

“ItsUp also works on any other ad buys they may do on any other networks – so we believe it will quickly become the only tracking platform media buyers need to succeed at finding the most profitable sources of revenue globally. Working with Ian and his team is always a pleasure,” he said.

For a demonstration of the ItsUp system and the Adnium traffic network, visit or to arrange an online demo.

Both companies will also be available at the upcoming Phoenix Forum to meet in person from March 31 to April 3.