Myles Jackman Appointed Legal Director for Open Rights Group

Myles Jackman Appointed Legal Director for Open Rights Group

LONDON — Attorney Myles Jackman, who practices obscenity law and sexual freedom of expression in the U.K., has been appointed as legal director for Open Rights Group.

The London-based Open Rights Group is an 11-year-old nonprofit that fights to protect rights to privacy and free speech online. It has about 3,000 active supporters, with local groups spread across the U.K.

The group specifically challenges threats to free speech through the criminalization of online speech, online censorship and restrictive copyright laws, as well as online surveillance of individuals and companies and groups.

Jackman, who years ago carved a niche with his obscenity law practice, was awarded the Law Society’s Junior Lawyer of the Year award in 2012 having represented Michael Peacock and Simon Walsh in their landmark obscenity prosecutions.

Jackman has campaigned for reform in this area, accusing the legal system of being “20 years behind social values and technological change” in the area of sexual freedom and privacy.

“I am delighted to have been appointed as ORG’s Legal Director, since their cutting-edge campaigning work for digital freedom and against surveillance chimes perfectly with my personal privacy and freedom of expression agenda,” Jackman said.

“This is particularly timely given the passage of the current Investigatory Powers Bill with its authorization for state-sponsored mass hacking and intrusion into individual privacy and personal freedom,” he said.

Jim Killock, Open Rights Group’s executive director, called Jackman's hiring a “legal rock star signing.”

“I hope that Myles’ recognition outside the legal sphere will attract new supporters to ORG’s campaign for digital rights and privacy,” Killock said.

Killock said that the group will be hosting a “Meet the Lawyer” event April 5, in the evening, where Jackson will discuss its legal strategy for the Investigatory Powers Bill. To request an invitation to attend this event, contact