Holiday Products, Kama Sutra Ink Distro Deal

Holiday Products, Kama Sutra Ink Distro Deal
Rhett Pardon

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Holiday Products has announced that it is once again a distribution partner with Kama Sutra.

Kama Sutra’s Vice President David Braff and National Sales Manager Paul Reutershan both agreed that it was time, once again, to partner with Holiday Products. 

“We have heard so many great things about (Holiday’s President) Ken Sahn and the team he has assembled,” Reutershan said. “Once we began talking, it became obvious that this partnership is a perfect fit.”

In support of the reintroduction of Kama Sutra, Holiday has stocked up on product and key marketing tools for retailers, such as signage, testers, gift boxes, retail bags and training tools.

“Kama Sutra has been around for over 40 years, and is an instantly recognizable name,” Holiday Senior Account Manager Angela Blackmon said. “This is a brand consumers know and ask for. It will help drive traffic into stores and my customers are thrilled that I can help them fill their shelves.”

“Kama Sutra is a perfect fit for our ‘Softer Side of Adult’ product selections,” Holiday Senior Account Manager Molly Romeo said. “From the beautiful packaging to the luxurious formulas, textures, flavors, and scents, Kama Sutra has more than kept up with the changes in the Pleasure Product marketplace, and my retailers will appreciate that.”

Kama Sutra’s luxury product offerings are in stock and shipping immediately.

For more information or to order Kama Sutra, visit, contact (800) 266-5969 or email