Flynt to Trump: What's Your Penis Size?

Flynt to Trump: What's Your Penis Size?

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Larry Flynt, the president of LFP and Hustler, says Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign “hangs in the balance on the basis of one all important issue” — the size of his penis.

As a result, Flynt, who often makes huge lump-sum cash offers for dirt on certain political individuals, says Trump can make the question of his penis size go away.  

“I am making you an offer that you must not refuse if anyone is to believe you,” Flynt said today in a letter directed at Trump. “I have a team of doctors ready today to conduct the examination required to confirm your boast.

“If you reject this offer, I can only conclude that you are not the man you say you are and that your bragging about your penis size is as fraudulent as Trump University. Please contact me immediately.”
Flynt said that the issue was brought about by Trump himself in last night’s debate after Rubio hurled a decades-old old insult, mocking Trump for having relatively slight hands.

“You said: 'He (Sen. Rubio) referred to my hands — if they’re small, something else must be small. I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee,” Flynt said, reciting Trump’s words.

“So far we only have your word that you have a huge penis. But there has been no objective authority who has made a verification of your claim,” Flynt said.

Larry Flynt's letter to Donald Trump via press release