XBIZ Retreat Miami Details Announced

XBIZ Retreat Miami Details Announced

MIAMI — Fresh off the heels of the fourth annual Hollywood edition of the XBIZ Retreat, XBIZ is pleased to announce the upcoming Miami XBIZ Retreat is set for May 23-27 at the luxurious, beachfront Grand Beach Hotel.

The summer edition of the invitation-only XBIZ Retreat returns once again to the tropical paradise of Miami with a new, upgraded venue situated in stylish Miami Beach. Held at its own dedicated venue, the XBIZ Retreat’s signature intimate ambiance is bolstered by the beautiful, tranquil setting of the Grand Beach Hotel.

Held twice a year, the XBIZ Retreat features a packed, all-inclusive itinerary anchored by private one-on-one meetings between buyers and vendors, along with opportunities for networking over meals and special events.

XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez says the upcoming Miami XBIZ Retreat is set to welcome an expanded assembly of top international buyers.

“Year after year, the XBIZ Retreat has grown consistently thanks to word-of-mouth from past participants who travel from around the world to make powerful connections and land deals that are key to their business,” Ramirez said. “Their experience is topped off by a relaxing atmosphere surrounded by unforgettably beautiful scenery.”

January’s XBIZ Retreat was held in Hollywood, as part of XBIZ 2016. The event brought together top international vendors and buyers for private meetings and exclusive dinners along with access to XBIZ 2016’s slate of events, including the 2016 XBIZ Exec Awards and the star-studded XBIZ Awards.

Attendees of the most recent edition of the XBIZ Retreat offered the following remarks about their experience.

Perfect Fit Brand CMO Rob Reimer said, “The XBIZ Retreat is a huge asset to a new company like Perfect Fit to put us face-to-face with serious buyers who we might not have been able to reach by ourselves.”

Electric Eel Sales Director Zach Goode said, “There is no other show like XBIZ. If you are a buyer looking to meet the most relevant vendors in the adult market, you must attend this show!”

Coyote Amrich of Good Vibrations said, “I really appreciate how professionally run the XBIZ Retreat is. From the initial communications throughout the meetings and event as a whole, there is no doubt that we are there to conduct business, get to know each other better and move forward as an industry.”

Krystal Medeiros of Exsens said, “The XBIZ Retreat really is a treat that is great for establishing relationships and allows for buyers to take the time and learn about new products or information that vendors are releasing. Ultimately, it is a great experience all around. Thank you for having Exsens!”

Karine Parthenais of MJM Sales Inc., said the XBIZ Retreat offered a “great opportunity to meet industry leaders in an uninterrupted setting!”

Peter Reynolds of Adam & Eve, said, “XBIZ Retreat provided me with a unique opportunity to meet with key buyers in a great location, with great food and an upbeat atmosphere. Very productive and very well organized.”

Jonathan Davis from Adult Empire, said, ”This was my first year attending the retreat, and the organization, planning and readiness of those involved (including previous attendees) to help me with any questions really made the entire experience worthwhile.”

Carrashield Labs’ Jeff Hawkins said, “Carrashield Labs is going into their fourth year attending XBIZ Retreats. These forums have allowed us to educate what Divine 9 is all about and we have grown rapidly since attending.”

CondoMania’s Matt Mandell said the XBIZ Retreat offered a “great way to meet vendors and form relationships that will last for a long time.”

Lonbrook’s Michael Bassett said, “XBIZ Retreat provides a fantastic opportunity for buyers to interact with vendors in a relaxed business environment to discuss cooperation in detail and to maximize opportunities. It’s definitely worth attending!”

For more information, contact theretreat@xbiz.com.