Rock On Launches 'Passion' Sex Enhancer for Women

Rock On Launches 'Passion' Sex Enhancer for Women

LOS ANGELES — Rock On has re-introduced its female enhancement pill with a new look, formula and name.

The company says Rock On Passion for Her “tells and sells the story” of the brand. The new Passion Pills for Her comes on the heels of the release of the matching Rock On “Metal Rock” Pills for Him.

Rock On Passion joins the Rock Life family of holistic products, bringing consumers a safe, fast-acting sexual enhancer, now in additional display sizes.

“The Rock On line has always been known as a cohesive couples line for upscale adult stores offering premium packaging and presentation for today’s shoppers,” Rock’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Rock On ‘Passion’ features a look and feel that a female consumer can feel comfortable buying either by herself or with her man. Women want pleasure and intensity in their sex life, and Rock On Passion is what she needs to ignite that flame.”

Rock On Passion Sexual Enhancement for Her features a specially formulated blend of natural herbs and ingredients to help put her in a sexual state of mind, optimize the senses and supports natural blood flow to erogenous zones. Created with the modern woman in mind, Rock On Passion single dose packs fit right in her purse.

Rock On Passion is the female counterpart of Rock On Metal Rock Sexual Enhancement for Him, a specially formulated for optimal male performance.

“The Rock On range of sex enhancement supplements for men and women has long been a favorite among retailers who see the value of offering a respectable brand of sex enhancers,” Caggiano said. “Women, who often make the purchasing decisions in a relationship, respond significantly better to the Rock On brand compared to the excess of non-recognizable sex enhancer brands that are out there.”

Rock On boosts energy, mood and stamina to support a healthy sex life. The new men’s and women’s “sexual vitality” formulas contain electrolytes, essential vitamins, and energy lifting ingredients.

The new Rock On pills feature a premium feel, and comes in retail-friendly 12-packs.

The latest addition falls in line with the company’s new “Rock Life — mind, body and spirit” mantra. The new Rock Life range comes in sleek all black bottles with the new Rock On “Horn Hand” logo brightly color-coded for each need, including Turn On, Rock On, Rock Out, Pump, Rip, Shake, Detox, Relax and Do It.

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