Blewit Settles Patent Dispute With ILF

Blewit Settles Patent Dispute With ILF
Ariana Rodriguez

AUSTIN — Blewit says it has settled its lawsuit with Interactive Life Forms.

The settlement agreement includes a patent license that permits Blewit and its distributors to sell Blewit’s products.

Blewit’s patent-pending product, a masturbator called Blewit!, was designed around the concept of mindful masturbation. Informed by recent research into the effects of masturbation habits on sexual health and dysfunction, Blewit! mimics the sensations of partnered sex to enhance both pleasure and performance. The product’s features include an ergonomic twisted octagon shape, quick flip suction control, and ventilated drying dock.

“I am pleased that we were able to settle this matter and grateful for all of the support that we received during the process,” Blewit CEO CT Schenk said. “Our mission is to promote open communication about sexual health and enhance our users’ sex lives and relationships, and our product is a key component of that. We’re looking forward to the future.”

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