Webmaster Central Introduces Custom Video Player

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central, provider of leased adult video content, has launched a new custom video player for its clients.

Andy A., founder and CEO of Webmaster Central, said, “The bottom line is: we’re never satisfied with the status quo. I have to hand it to our development team — they’re always finding new ways to give our clients more value without increasing their costs.”

Webmaster Central’s new custom player runs on HTML 5, but also offers a Flash-based backup player to ensure maximum compatibility with a wide variety of potential user viewing platforms.  

The new player is compatible with the JW7 Player and Flowplayer, and on the smartphone side, remains compatible with the iOS, Android and Microsoft mobile operating systems.

“The purpose of this awesome upgrade is to provide our clients' customers with the absolute best possible experience while viewing our content,” Andy A. said. “The reason why we keep so many of our clients around for so many years is because we help them keep their own customers satisfied, which helps them make more money.”

Another feature of Webmaster Central’s new custom video player is its adaptive intelligence. Webmaster Central can now provide HLS streaming that will automatically detect a user’s connections and select the optimized viewing options accordingly. 

Clients who prefer to have Webmaster Central content play directly inside their own web pages can opt to use a custom API XML gateway, which lets clients have complete control over how content is presented and displayed.

Webmaster Central, which launched in 1996, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.