Nasstoys Expands Men's Collections

Nasstoys Expands Men's Collections
Alex Henderson

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has continued to expand its men’s pleasure product collections with the additions of the Mack Tuff Vibrating Cockcage, the RAM Squeezer, the Maxx Men Compact Penis Sleeve, and the Grande Clear Penis Sleeves. 

The Mack Tuff Vibrating Cockcage is made of 100 percent quality silicone with ribbed sensation for an enhanced dimension of pleasure. The powerful 10-function removable bullet, Nasstoys said, “makes it a perfect product for solo fun for him but also, great for couples.”

The Mack Tuff Vibrating Cockcage is available in black and flesh and includes batteries for quick, convenient use.

Kathryn Hartman, director of sales and marketing for Nasstoys, said of the Mack Tuff Vibrating Cockcage, “The intelligent design on this fantastic item allows the user to enjoy unimpeded penis head stimulation and ejaculation, and the ball strap keeps it where it belongs during sexy playtime. This item’s hot style is reminiscent of the original cock cages first enjoyed by the leather community but is manufactured from today’s amazing materials to appeal to the consumer across multiple sexuality genres.”

The RAM Squeezer is a product that, Nasstoys said, encourages the user to “get hard, stay hard.”

The new Maxx Men Compact Clear Penis Sleeve and Maxx Men Grande Clear Penis Sleeve are both super fitted to add additional girth and length. The Maxx Men Penis Sleeves easily slide onto the penis while the strap securely holds the balls tight.  Each sleeve is completely clear and veined for extra satisfaction. 

The Maxx Men Clear Penis Sleeve is waterproof and can be worn comfortably before and while playing in the spa or shower. 

Elliot Schwartz, president of Nasstoys, said, “Specialty male-specific branded collections like Mack Tuff, RAM, Macho and Hero by Nasstoys have all exceeded our expectations, and it is exciting and motivating to see our distributors repeat continuous volume on these collections.”