'The Truth: Front to Back' Welcomes Nina Hartley

NEW YORK — For almost a year, “The Truth: Front to Back” has been hitting the airwaves with a variety of guests, from established performers to noted directors and beyond.

This week, co-hosts Desiree Deluca and Karen Fisher welcome a legend to the show, as adult performer, director, and sex educator, sex positive feminist and author Nina Hartley, will join them as their guest.

Hartley will be the only guest on this week’s show, on-air for 45 minutes of the broadcast, following the industry news.

Hartley has won a plethora of awards, filmed more than 1,000 scenes, and is one of the most recognized women in the industry. Now in her 50s, Hartley continues to film, direct, appear at tradeshows, and do interviews.

“Nina was one of the reasons that I got into adult,” says Deluca. “She’s done everything and still continues to be a huge force in the industry. We’ve been wanting to her have her on for a while now, so we’re excited about this week’s show.”

“Nina’s a legend and I’ve got a ton of questions to ask her,” says Fisher. “This could be one of our best shows yet, and we hope all of our fans and regular listeners tune in.”

“The Truth: Front to Back” is one of the top-rated shows on the Dollhouse Radio Network, attracting the attention of fans such as Howard Stern, who praised the show on his popular Sirius XM radio show.

“The Truth: Front to Back” airs live on Thursday nights at 8:30 p.m.

To become a guest on the show, email truthfronttoback@gmail.com or Tweet the show, Desiree or Karen. Fans can also Tweet, email or call into the show at (646) 595-4038 with questions for the hosts or guests.

To listen to the show, click here.