Affil4you Launches KWAIK Ad-Block Bypass Technology

Affil4you Launches KWAIK Ad-Block Bypass Technology
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — A new technology on the market called KWAIK works by bypassing ad blocking software and displaying its own advertisements instead.

The most revolutionary thing about this new service rolled out by Affil4you is that it will not cost publishers a dime, company CEO Joey Gabra said.

The technology is free and there is no setup fee or subscription. KWAIK earns a portion of the revenue that was saved by getting rid of the ad block.

“More than 24 percent of traffic around the world is ad blocked,” Gabra said. “This is because ad blocking is a technology that is easily adaptable, and is used especially frequently by the millennial generation, who adopt ad blocking at a rate of 50 percent.

“This is unfortunate because they are often the target of advertisers,” he said. “We want to offer businesses a solution to recoup some of the income that has been lost to this disruptive technology.”

Publishers using the new technology can use ads provided by KWAIK or their own marketing creatives.

“It works on all browsers, including mobile and tablet browsers which is incredibly relevant because in September of 2015, Apple started allowing ad blocking apps in their app store, which had been previously forbidden,” Gabra said.

Since then, even mobile ad blocking has become a growing problem for publishers and advertisers, he noted.

“As more and more people learn to block ads on mobile, tablets and computers, using KWAIK will be a good move for pretty much any business,” Gabra said. “By using KWAIK, publishers will be able to recover ad inventory, agencies and ad networks will be able to raise their inventories and advertisers will get to reach more consumers.”

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