Chrystal Bougon Pens Plus-Size Sex Guide

Chrystal Bougon Pens Plus-Size Sex Guide

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Chrystal Bougon has released “Making It Hot: Sex Tips From The Curvy Girl” through ChickLit Media Group.

The noted size acceptance advocate, “Sex Toy Sherpa,” and owner of Curvy Girl Lingerie, shares her advice on how plus size men and women can have the most satisfying sex life possible.

“I am so excited to be able to finally offer my book to my customers and my social media fans,” Bougon said. “All day long, at my boutique and on my social media pages, we talk about fat bodies having sex. I know it's not trendy to talk about fat people having sex, but I am here to tell you — we have A LOT of sex! I love educating and helping people of all sizes to have more connected and crazy hot monkey love. Life is way too short for ugly underwear, and too short for boring sex.”

“This book shares the secrets of having a hot and satisfying sex life as a Curvy Girl,” reads the book description. “This book is all about having HOT sex! People and bodies are different, so being open and honest with your partner about what feels good, and what you want, is the secret to a more connected and satisfying sex life for both of you. Sex is never just one thing, so learning to combine approaches and techniques will make everything more pleasurable for Curvy Girls and their partners. Not after you lose 10 pounds; not when you start running every day; not when the stretch marks fade. NOW.”

Of the book, Jes Baker, author and owner of says, “Fat girls have hot sex with the lights on too! Here’s how!"

“PlusLife” Executive Producer Adryenn Ashley adds, “[There are] lots of hidden secrets in this book to give you a better ‘O.’ Written in that girlfriend-who’s-got-your-back-and-answers way that only Chrystal can, she covers intimate topics in a non-scary way, that makes it seem oh to doable!”

To purchase Making It Hot: Sex Tips From The Curvy Girl, visit click here. The 90-page book is available in both e-book and paperback formats and editions.

Curvy Girl Lingerie, located in San Jose, Calif. and run by Bougon, is the first lingerie store in the U.S. west of the Mississippi for plus-size women. With a “Sexy Isn’t a Size” motto, the popular store carries items in sizes 14-6x. Bougon created Curvy Girl because she believes that all women deserve a safe place to shop, without judgment, where they can find sexy lingerie and panties that fit well and make them feel pretty and sexy.

The store is the basis for “PlusLife,” a reality show that will take an uninhibited, body-positive, sex-positive, and highly purposeful attempt to show a side of plus-size people rarely acknowledged in public — slated to air this year.