PHS International Offers 'Arboreal' Retail Display

PHS International Offers 'Arboreal' Retail Display

PHOENIX — PHS International has introduced a new tree-like display unit for its Bijoux de Nip nipple clamps.

The company says that the display’s delicate, silvery branches and technicolor illumination is a kinetic and interactive art form that allows customers to get personal with PHS products.

“Bijoux de Nip artfully fulfills the growing demand for nipple clamps that combine personal style with sensation play, and now retailers have a beautiful way to display their favorite SKUs,” PHS International General Manager Michael Merrill said. “Our aesthetic pays attention to current trends while also providing designs and color schemes that break the mold. Masculine, feminine, androgynous, or none of the above – Bijoux de Nip products are made to be inclusive and cater to consumers who match their personal style with their intimate inclinations.”

Assembled in the USA, each Bijoux de Nip design tells a visual “story” using unique arrangements and color combinations, the company says. Bijoux de Nip clamps come in three clip styles for varied intensity — tweezer, alligator and wide tweezer — and feature multiple designs.

“We locally source the best supplies and hand-craft each clamp right here in the U.S., which shows in the products’ quality and durability,” Merrill said. “And after a successful ANME sneak preview, we’re proud to officially ship our new Bijoux de Nip display fully stocked with our best-sellers. There’s never been an interactive nipple clamp display quite like this and we’re proud to be the first to bring it to market!”

To order, please contact a distributor or email for details.