'Super Blow 50' to Go On in Tampa, Fla.

'Super Blow 50' to Go On in Tampa, Fla.

TAMPA, Fla. — A pair of Florida adult stars are having their own big game, and they are still looking for new draft picks to help out.

Naughty Alysha, who operates NaughtyAlysha.com, and Jenny Jizz, who operates JennyJizz.com, will be picking their teams, and on Saturday “Super Blow 50” will begin. Super Blow 50 will be a contest with both porn stars and 50 lucky participants.

“They guys will divide between the two teams, and the first girl to finish her team to completion is declared the winner of the Super Blow, and will be awarded the Cumbardi Trophy,” Naughty Alysha said.

Alysha said, “I can’t wait to take on Jenny Jizz to see who can finish their team off first. Jenny is a great competitor, and she’s sucked a lot of cocks over the years, but I think I can take her. It will be a close one, for sure. I’m sure it will come down to the final few plays.”

Jizz said, “I have a lot of respect for Naughty Alysha, but let’s face it, getting a guy to cum is what I do best. Hell, I’m so good at it, I changed my last name to ‘Jizz’. I don’t think it will be close, and it may even be a blow out, if you know what I mean.”

Super Blow 50 will be held on Saturday evening in the Tampa Bay area. Applicants in the Tampa area looking to participate in Super Blow 50 should visit SuperBlow50.com for more details.