Indiegogo Campaign for Intelligent 4-in-1 Massager Launches

Indiegogo Campaign for Intelligent 4-in-1 Massager Launches
Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — An Indiegogo campaign has launched for the Sola Egg, which is being dubbed “the world’s first-ever intelligent 4-in-1 pressure sensitive massager.”

 “Here at Sola we believe in designing chic, elegant products for the everyday modern woman,” said Jessica B., the designer of Sola Egg. “We are passionate about bringing you a product that can add a little extra happiness to your everyday life.”

According to its Indiegogo campaign, the Sola Egg was designed based on the statistics of 35 percent of women being able to climax during intercourse, and up to 75 percent of women requiring clitoral stimulation to reach a climax. Sola Egg addresses women’s needs with a powerful, discrete and stylish massager to pinpoint erogenous zones.

“Sola’s unique pressure sensitive technology allows women to reach climax faster with zero distractions, which greatly supports their overall wellbeing,” the company said. “Orgasms reduce heart disease in women by 50 percent, as well as boost the immune system up to 30 percent and supports healthy brain function and better moods.”

Sola Egg allows the user the ability to control the massage through touch. The Sola Egg also has a lock feature to lock a favorite vibration pattern into place with the push of a button.

“What’s unique about this product is that it features intelligent pressure-sensitive technology,” Jessica B. said. “We designed this feature to be extremely user-friendly, the more pressure applied, the deeper the vibration pattern, the softer the pressure applied the softer the vibration pattern. Sola Egg responds to your every touch.”

Featuring four unique silicone sleeve attachments, each one creates a different massage sensation. The sleeve attachments are divided into two sets — Wellness and Passion.

The Wellness variety of sleeves includes the Shiatsu sleeve, which was created for pinpoint accuracy vibrations to use on pressure points on the body, as well as the neck and shoulder. The Swedish sleeve offers deep tissue vibration and is great for releasing back tension and stress.

Passion sleeves include the Bunni sleeve, which is designed for clitoral stimulation with soft ears that hug the clitoris. The Omi sleeve also provides stimulation and its soft shape is perfect for a couples’ sensual massage.

Sola Egg is waterproof and is fully rechargeable with its included magnetic charging dock that connects via USB. It also comes with an AC adapter for charging with a wall outlet. Sola Egg also comes with a five-year global warranty!

The petite size of Sola Egg also makes it travel-friendly, the company says.

“Don’t let the size fool you,” Jessica B. said. “Sola Egg is more powerful than massagers currently on the market that are three times its size.”

Among Sola Egg’s Indiegogo campaign’s perks is the Early Bird Valentine’s Special to ensure the receipt of Sola in time for the romantic holiday. For a limited time, Sola Egg is available at the Valentine’s Deal price of $79.