Video: Fiona Patten Visits With Calif. Lawmakers

Video: Fiona Patten Visits With Calif. Lawmakers
Rhett Pardon

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Fiona Patten, who leads Australia’s Sex Party and is a member of Parliament in Victoria, is making the rounds at California’s state capitol, meeting and greeting legislators.

Patten, who attended and participated at last week’s 2016 XBIZ Show, visited California lawmakers this week in efforts to learn more about the state’s working models for medicinal cannabis and the campaign for dying with dignity.

The member of Parliament visited with numerous California legislators this week, including state Sen. Bill Monning and Assemblywoman Susan Talamates

Patten, who will travel back to Melbourne next week, paused to speak with The Sacramento Bee about the reason for her visit and her views in this video.