Video: Larry Flynt Won't Buy Playboy Mansion

Video: Larry Flynt Won't Buy Playboy Mansion

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Larry Flynt won’t buy the Playboy Mansion.

That’s what the Hustler founder said when asked by TMZ about whether he had interest in the property that was put up for sale this month.

"I like my own toys, and I don't want his dirty sheets," Flynt said.

Playboy Enterprises plans to sell the six-acre mansion for $200 million and has a special condition included in the contract. If the residence will be purchased, the owners will live alongside Heffner as part of the "lifetime estate" clause.

"He's 90 now," Flynt said. "One foot on a banana peel, one foot on the grave."

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders announced that the adult brand is planning to "reinvest" the money from the sale for the future of the adult magazine publishing property.

"This is the right time to seek a buyer for this incredible property who understands the role the Mansion has played," Flanders said.

Hefner is known for sharing the mansion with his "Playboy Playmates" who later become his lovers or even as wives. Some of his notable Playboy relationships include Kimberley Conrad, Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson.

He is currently married to another Playmate and his third wife, Crystal Harris.