Trinity St.Clair Announces Rebranding Plans

LOS ANGELES — Trinity St.Clair has released a special announcement to fans regarding her new plans.

The performer said, “Retirement? Yes, in a sense more or less. I rather say ‘rebranding.' Do you really think you could get rid of me 100 percent? No, I love you all too much. I’ve just decided that shooting for other companies is not something I am going to do anymore. I’m stepping back behind the scenes and building my brand that way. What does that mean exactly? Well, if you want something from me, it will be specific for you and only you: customs, webcam, merchandise. And, yes, a podcast of my spunky self will be launching as well as a fan site. So I’m not leaving you guys. I just no longer will be shooting for other companies but I do promise titty flashes.”

She addded, “I do want to give thanks to mama bear “Sandy” OC modeling, James Bartholet, Cherry pimps, AVVC, Mike Quasar to name a few of those that have supported me regardless where I was the last five years. Love you guys.”

St, Clair can reached by emailing