EroAdvertising Now Supports U.S. Dollar Accounts

EroAdvertising Now Supports U.S. Dollar Accounts

OSS, The Netherlands — EroAdvertising announced today that it has launched a U.S. dollar version of its user panel for its adult advertising platform.

Users can now decide on sign up which currency they prefer to use. Previously, all users had to bid in euros and do currency conversion themselves. The ability to select the currency allows users to track their spend accurately.

EroAdvertising, one of the leading ad platforms in the adult industry for both advertisers and publishers, is “pleased to announce that advertisers can now choose which currency they want to work and bid with,” said Jan Huibers, founder and CEO of the company.

“We deemed a U.S. dollar account necessary in an effort to increase our foothold in the North American market,” said Huibers, who built the U.S. dollar version. “Now every advertiser knows exactly what they are bidding and can easily account for their bids.”

A new user can choose which currency they want to use; existing users will have to sign up for a new U.S. account to take advantage of this offer. However, their existing balance can be transferred over to the new account.

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