Kink Community Social App KNKI Launches

Kink Community Social App KNKI Launches

NEW YORK — KNKI, a social networking app by and for the BDSM, fetish, poly and kink communities, launched today in the iTunes App store and Google Play.

Unlike apps that focus only on hook-ups, KNKI seeks to connect all aspects of the community, from including events, education and activism.
“KNKI was built to be a true social network,” said Carl Sandler, founder of KNKI. “This is an exciting time for the community. More and more people are able to talk about sexuality and identity openly, and I wanted to create a mobile app that matched the new power.”
Social networks like Facebook and Instagram routinely censor and flag those in the kink community.  Sandler’s goal with KNKI is to create a mobile platform where the community and organizations can communicate openly.

The new platform has already brought enthusiastic response from companies like San Francisco’s, which plans to use KNKI to communicate about events, workshops and political causes.
“When KNKI approached us with the platform, we immediately got it,” said Jessica Reid, head of social media at “As a sexual community, we have to walk on eggshells on most social networks, even when doing basic education and activism.

"KNKI gives us an opportunity to have those discussions without worrying about whether we’ll be banned. We see this as our version of Instagram and Facebook.”
Unlike most GPS-based dating apps, KNKI is adding features normally associated with social media, like photo feeds, hashtag searches and the ability to build followers.

KNKI plans to work with local community groups on push notifications for events and parties, and will work to help organizations build audiences.
But while it’s built for community, Sandler said these tools work even better for play.
“Whether it’s for #pegging or #poly, we all want to find a better way to connect," he said. "By bringing true social tools to GPS dating, we not only connect, we build a community.”

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