DigiRegs to Co-host Piracy Panel at 2016 XBIZ Show

 DigiRegs to Co-host Piracy Panel at 2016 XBIZ Show
Rhett Pardon

SAN DIEGO — DigiRegs is bringing its copyright protection software to the upcoming 2016 XBIZ Show and will co-host a discussion of the current state of anti-piracy solutions.

DigiRegs reps are headed to West Hollywood, Calif., to share how the easy-to-use interface helps protect content while optimizing traffic and ad revenue.

The software is already integrated into several top adult entertainment destinations online with “data-supported results,” a DigiRegs rep said.

On Wednesday at 1 p.m., DigiRegs will co-host “Anti-Piracy: Rights Owners Fight Back,” a panel that discusses the various options content owners have to regain control over their intellectual property.

Along with several anti-piracy experts, a rep from DigiRegs will offer a unique perspective and show attendees protect their content in new and effective ways while making a positive impact on their bottom lines.

“We created DigiRegs to offer a scalable, flexible and completely dynamic content protection system that would be easy to integrate into any existing program,” the DigiRegs rep said. "Real-time protection and notification give clients more control over their content, as well as instant feedback and user data that can help them better target their advertising.”

DigiRegs said that it makes it easy for clients to process content files and specify what they want the system to do if their files are matched online. Should a match be found and flagged, DigiRegs instantly notifies the producer and publisher and creates a real-time record – and then it’s up to the clients to decide what to do next. The producers can attach custom advertising banners or sell space for each video, and the publisher can place the banners to optimize their ad revenue and boost traffic.

DigiRegs has teamed with leading adult ad serving platform TrafficHaus to bring this elevated service to the adult space.

“We’ve chosen to team with the TrafficHaus guys for our initial roll-out and demonstrations because they have their fingers on the pulse of the adult ad service and solutions industry and there isn’t another company we can imagine working with,” the rep said.

To see how DigiRegs can integrate into your system, contact a TrafficHaus rep or visit with reps at the 2016 XBIZ Show, tomorrow through Friday, at the Andaz hotel in West Hollywood, Calif.

For more information, contact  info@digiregs.com or visit its site.