SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Zhana Vrangalova Debunks Casual Sex Myths

SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Zhana Vrangalova Debunks Casual Sex Myths
Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — Casual sex gets a bad rap in today’s instantaneous and often criticized hookup society, but Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, PhD will debunk the myths and chart a course for healthy and happy experiences in her Sexual Health Expo (SHE) session, presented by Sex Ed Sponsor The Pleasure Chest.

Vrangalova has the cred to impart her brand of timely wisdom. The New York City-based researcher studies casual sex, non-monogamy and sexual orientation along with teaching human sexuality at New York University. If that’s not enough, the sexpert tweets daily about new sex research, and runs the Casual Sex Project, a place for people to share their true hookup stories.

Show attendees are sure to find out just what they need to know about navigating the lightning-fast world of hooking up, and most important, how to have fun. Vrangalova will share information culled from her online study on play/sex parties. She’ll also give some tips from her new book about the science of healthy hookups.

The adjunct professor said, “People in the U.S. sorely lack access to accurate information about sexuality. I think the Sexual Health Expo is an excellent opportunity to get a lot of high-quality sex education from a variety of the top sex educators in the country, as well as becoming familiar with a range of products designed to make their sex and relationship lives better, healthier and safer.”

Vrangalova noted that her Casual Sex Project is currently collecting data for the online study on play/sex parties, and she is working on a book about the science of healthy hookups. Her daily live interactive “#LegitSexScience” show can be seen on the live video streaming app, Periscope.

SHE is set for Jan. 16-17 in Los Angeles. Tickets to SHE are now on sale, courtesy of Registration Sponsor We-Vibe. For more information, visit