SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Chris Donaghue Debunks 'The Myth of Sexual Dysfunctions'

SHE L.A. Preview: Dr. Chris Donaghue Debunks 'The Myth of Sexual Dysfunctions'
Bob Johnson

LOS ANGELES — “The Myth of Sexual Dysfunctions” will be debunked by Dr. Chris Donaghue in his enlightening talk to be delivered at the Sexual Health Expo (SHE) set for Jan. 16-17 in Los Angeles, courtesy of Sex Ed Sponsor The Pleasure Chest.

Donaghue is a nationally recognized doctor of clinical sexology and human sexuality. Trained in clinical psychology, Donaghue is a licensed clinical therapist and certified sex therapist. His work has been featured in “Newsweek,” Oprah's OWN Network, HLN, CNN, “The Today Show,” “National Geographic,” “The New York Times,” “New York Post,” “The Daily Beast” and more.

He is also the author of the book “Sex Outside the Lines: Authentic Sexuality in a Sexually Dysfunctional Culture.”

In his workshop Donaghue will explain that sexual dysfunctions don't exist, but rather are diagnoses that attempt to pathologize diversity and standardize sexual functioning. He believes most issues are not about dysfunction and pathology, but instead misunderstandings about sex and anatomy. The workshop will explore how there is no “normal;” normal is not the goal. And how culture, psychology and media do their best to hold this "normal" as the template for healthy sexual functioning.

The goal for SHE attendees will be to learn how to operate differently sexually, with variations and issues to be expected. Donaghue maintained that most sexual dysfunctions are not due to disorder or the failure of some part of the body, but are failures to perform sex in a way that is socially acceptable or desirable. 

Excited to impart such important information, Donaghue said, "The SHE expo brings together important thinkers in the sexology field, and creates one of the few spaces where sex can be explored and discussed in its entirety without the normal cultural anxieties."

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