Rock On Debuts 'Rock Life' Line at L.A. Charity Event

Rock On Debuts 'Rock Life' Line at L.A. Charity Event

LOS ANGELES — The Rock On line of Rock Life supplements made its inaugural premier this past weekend at the sixth annual 12/12 Sparkling for Charity Gala.

The event, held at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club, benefited Los Angeles non-profits and brought together leaders from the music, film, finance, banking and political communities.

The Rock Life line-up and philosophy of “Rocking Mind, Body and Spirit” was a success with the celebrities in attendance, the company said. “With the city’s most influential movers and shakers in attendance, the event provided the ideal scenario to break the proverbial champagne bottle across the bow and launch the new Rock Life line of dietary supplements.”

Offering an integrated system of supplements designed and grouped to “rock your work week, workout and weekend,” the new Rock Life line offers brain support for improved mental performance, sexual enhancement, hangover and relaxation support for the weekend, as well as fitness supplements.

“This line really represents todays modern active achiever types that want it all, in the boardroom, bedroom and gym,” said brand creator and ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano. “Many people today don’t necessary identify with some of the traditional archetypes supplement manufacturers put have put out. The majority of people are not necessarily the typical muscle-head or earthy vegan types but professional, active, socialites that want to have a good time and still look and feel great.”

The range comes in sleek all-black bottles with the new Rock On “Horn Hand” logo brightly color-coded for each need. The line also takes the guess work out of starting a supplement routine by spelling out the need with product names such as Brain On, Turn On, Rock On, Rock Out, Pump, Rip, Shake, Detox, Relax and DO IT.

Rock On will announce the official product releases for the Rock Life supplements line, as well as a new shot drink line in the upcoming weeks and months.

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