Coquette Releases 2016 Main Collection

Coquette Releases 2016 Main Collection

CAMBRIDGE, Ontario — Coquette International has launched its 2016 Main Collection. 

According to the company, its all-female design team paid special attention to details when they designed the new collection; from using delicate eyelash lace to including bows and charms.

 “We always want to do something a bit different, but we are constantly listening to our customers so we can create something that will appeal to all types of femininity,” Coquette Senior Designer Elaine Carson said. “With a variety of sizing, we work hard to be inclusive to femininity so we can help people look and feel sexy.”

According to the company, its new 2016 collection could be divided into different mini collections. 

“Some are more youthful using bright colors and fun fabrics in the design, while some feel more luxurious using satin fabrics,” the company said. “All of the new pieces are on trend and fitting with the beautiful designs Coquette has produced in the past.”

With every new collection, a new catalog is also released and the Coquette 2016 Main catalog is filled with images of the new pieces as well as everything currently available to order. 

The creation of the latest catalog took the models, photographer, and crew to Florida for a week-long shoot in beautiful locations. Cindy Cipriano, creative director at Coquette, photographed the catalog and the entire team stayed together during the shoot. 

“Not only did it bring the team together and create an inclusive atmosphere, it made the 3 a.m. call times easier,” the company said.

The collection is currently available for ordering with stock available beginning Jan. 1.