2Gay4FB Tallies 17.8M Page Views in 6 Months

2Gay4FB Tallies 17.8M Page Views in 6 Months

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Cybersocket's newest site, 2Gay4FB.com, recently surpassed 17.8 million page views after five months.

The site, which was launched in June, gives adult companies highly targeted access to gay porn fans on social media, according to Morgan Sommer, Cybersocket’s co-founder.

Since adult-oriented companies are banned from advertising on virtually all social media services, this is the only effective way for you to tap into this market, he said.

"We partnered with Lightspeed Media on this project and launched it in June with modest expectations,” Sommer said. “The explosive popularity of this project with models and gay fans on Facebook and Twitter has exceeded our expectations.

“Also the quality of the traffic has exceeded our expectations.  This is anything but your standard free site traffic.  These are solid fans of the models who are posting.  And they really do want quality adult content.”

Sommer said that the 17.8 million page views also include 4.2 million user sessions and that the site is serving 40,000-150,000 impressions per day, per campaign. 

The company provided the following additional information:
Click through ratios:

  • Best cam company campaign: 8 percent
  • Best dating site campaign: 7 percent
  • Best retail site campaign: 4 percent
  • Best membership site campaign: 5 percent
  • Averages are between 2 percent and 6 percent, depending on the product type, banner attractiveness, and zone 

Geo/Language breakdown:

  • 56 percent are primarily English speakers
  • 48 percent are from the U.S.A.
  • 10 percent are Spanish speakers
  • 7 percent is coming from the U.K. 


  • 75 percent is mobile traffic
  • 18 percent is desktop traffic
  • 7 percent is tablet traffic 

User Demographics:

  • 80 percent are gay males
  • 20 percent females
  • 20 percent are celebrity news junkies
  • 18 percent use online dating/hookup services 

With 2Gay4FB, traffic is sold at $5CPM, with various zones offered that are based upon size, position, and rating (PG and X-rated).

Mobile Banners

  • Top 300 x100 (PG-rated)
  • Top 300 x 100 (X-rated)
  • Middle 300 x 250 (PG-rated)
  • Middle 300 x 250 (X-rated)
  • Bottom 300 x100 (PG-rated)
  • Bottom 300 x 100 (X-rated)
  • Call To Action 300 x 300 (X-rated) 

Desktop Banners

  • Top 800 x100 (PG-rated)
  • Top 800 x 100 (X-rated)
  • Middle 300 x 250 (PG-rated)
  • Middle 300 x 250 (X-rated)
  • Bottom 800 x100 (PG-rated)
  • Bottom 800 x 100 (X-rated)
  • Call To Action 950 x610 (X-rated)

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For more information about advertising with 2Gay4FB, contact Morgan Sommer at morgan@cybersocket.com or (213) 949-0555.