5 More Penis Pill Brands Blacklisted

5 More Penis Pill Brands Blacklisted

WASHINGTON — The Food and Drug Administration today advised consumers to not purchase five penis pill brands.

The new advisory warnings include the penis pill brands:

  • Australia Kangaroo Essence, which contains sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra;
  • Effective Viagra Tablets, which contains sildenafil;
  • Sex Drive Capsules, which contains sildenafil;
  • XForMan Plus, which contains sildenafil; and,
  • Rhino X, which contains sildenafil.

The FDA said distributors of the brands claim that the ingredients are "all natural" but laboratory analysis confirmed the pills were found to contain the active ingredients in the FDA-approved prescription drug Viagra.

All of the pills were intended to be sold at brick-and-mortar retail shops and on the web, and nearly all of the shipments were intercepted at customs at various U.S. airports, said the FDA, which noted that consumers should stop using the products immediately.

So far this year, the FDA has blacklisted 40 penis pill brands.