XBIZ.net AMA Will Feature Sextoy Dave

XBIZ.net AMA Will Feature Sextoy Dave

LOS ANGELES — Sextoy Dave will hold an XBIZ.net “Ask Me Anything” session on Friday on XBIZ.net.

XBIZ.net’s AMA series is designed to educate the community and serve as a platform enabling the B2B social media site’s members learn from industry leaders and each other.

Dave Levine, aka SexToy Dave, is operator of  SexToy.com and CNV.com, among other properties.

"XBIZ.net has everyone who is everyone in the adult business world," Sextoy Dave told XBIZ. "I am excited to see what questions people will ask me."

Jeff Dillon, an XBIZ.net ambassador and vice president of bizdev at Eline.com and consultant for GameLink.com, said he's ready for tomorrow's dialogue.

"I am very excited to have Dave Levine, aka Sextoy Dave, for our next installment of XBIZ.net’s AMA," he told XBIZ. "Dave is a pioneer of our industry with his one of the first retail and affiliate sites. As a former TV star, he is sure to make this AMA one of the best."

He’ll be available for questions starting at 10 a.m. on XBIZ.net.