Inaugural Sexpo U.K. Wraps

Inaugural Sexpo U.K. Wraps
Ariana Rodriguez

LONDON — Sexpo U.K., the sexually inclusive health and lifestyle exhibition, has wrapped its first year in the U.K., reporting just under 10,000 visitors.

The event was held at the Olympia London on Nov. 13-15. According to the organizers, the event drew an impressive crowd despite the fact that more than 20 percent of presold tickets were not activated and some exhibitors were unable to attend last-minute.

The Sexpo UK Senior Team — Jonny Kirk, Lee Schofield, Mark Bamber and Nina Saini — offered the following joint statement: “We are really thankful to those who have stood by us and supported us in launching a new sexual health and lifestyle expo, let alone a new U.K. brand, on a national scale and hope to be able to extend our thanks over the coming year. We are currently collating feedback from consumers and exhibitors so we can build on year one and create a stronger Sexpo U.K. 2016.”

The organizers said that to launch the Sexpo brand into the U.K., numerous promotional tactics were enforced. A six-figure national advertising campaign was implemented throughout the London borough across buses, taxis, tube and train stations, as well as flyer posting and flyer distribution. This was supplemented with media partner collaborations alongside traditional advertising schemes and mainstream marketing.

In addition, the Sexpo U.K. team said it worked alongside exhibitors, entertainment, brand ambassadors and seminars hosts to offer optional marketing, PR and social media support in reaching a wider audience and to assist participants in increasing brand awareness.

An affiliate scheme was also implemented to provide an incentive to participants to support the Sexpo U.K. brand, and for partners to benefit financially by offering their customers and their fan base discounted ticket prices.

Ticket promotions were also run through a number of platforms including Ticketmaster, Olympia London, YPlan, and the Sun newspaper.

Sexpo U.K. 2016 is currently scheduled for Nov. 11-13.

The team behind the event said they are welcoming feedback regarding Sexpo U.K. 2015 exhibitors and show attendees on